Monday, September 22, 2008

Finished project

Here is the finished project!!! It was getting dark,so the pictures aren't the best. More to come tomorrow.

Scott, David said to let you know this is what a FINISHED project looks like

Davids idea of vacation

We have a muddy muddy mess under our deck. The dogs like to get under there and come back with muddy paws. So we decided to add rock. As you all know, David isn't the most handy of handymen. But he was determined to tackle this project. Here is how his day is going...

Step one..the beginning..

I think there are about 80 bags of rock..
Step 2...Remove lattace work..

Step 3.. Unroll black paper
(cute butt)
Step 4...start spreading bags

Step 5... Looking good!!

step 6... go to wal-mart. Out of rock..

Big and Little

Just a few pictures...