Monday, May 10, 2010

Traveling with the plaque reader.

David and I recently went to DC for a few days. He was out there for work, and I flew out there for the weekend. David is a huge history buff. He would read every sign/plaque in town. I had to move him a long a few times. I will post some more pics later!


I knew my kid wasn't crazy...

Paige is lively, loud, active, strong, tall, and charming. Therefore she can seem like a handful sometimes. There have been some comments lately made about what my child should or shouldn't be doing. A few in regards to her eating habits. She is actually pretty well behaved at restaurants. Ran across this little article.

Guess my kid isn't so bad after all. Actually she is pretty normal. She isn't even 2 yet. So when the time is right, she will learn her place. so for the time being. Keep your judging to yourself. Cause don't worry I have been keeping mine to myself for a long time