Thursday, April 25, 2013

It is possible

That I might be the worst blogger ever!!!  Oh well, lets try again.   We recently went on a week long spring break adventure.  We flew to Phoenix to stay with David's Dad.  Then drove to Palm Desert to stay with his mom.  Then went on to LA to go to Disneyland!  It was an interesting trip.  I had been sick a few days prior to leaving.  Then Logan had a bit of it. Next came Paige on the trip.  See where this is going?  Let me show you a few pictures of our Phoenix leg of the trip!

 Super sick here.  You just can't tell

 Paige had a chance to feed a Giraffe.

                                                Logan is clearly thrilled to be at the zoo!

Riding a camel!

Worlds nicest playground

Went on a train ride.  Logan was a fan

Went for a little swim. 
Side note, this floatie has been around the world.  It was Paige's.  It has been to Maui, Mexico twice, Arizona twice, and Lenexa a million times!  And its still holding strong.

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