Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Break part 2...

For our second part of our trip we went to Palm Desert to visit Karen and Fred.  It was about a 4 hour drive from Phoenix to there.  I was a bit nervous considering how sick everyone had been.  Especially since Paige gets carsick a lot.  Plus David had also came down with it while we were in Arizona.  But off we went..

We met at one of the nicest outdoor restaurant.  They had a large green space for the kids to run

another camel ride.  According to Paige, if we are in the desert we ride a camel

brushing a goat at the living desert

big bobcats that were in an enclosure.  all curled up asleep

enjoying some sun

the birthday boy!

it went south quickly

tuckered out

More swimming

out karens backdoor

swimming is exhausting

this was the before picture before it started getting ugly

Up next is Disneyland.  I may have to break that one down into several posts...

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